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hive deck

950 square feet

Architect & Design/Builder:   DII Architecture

GC:  Irpino Construction, Inc.

Drafters/Renderers:  Workus Studio, LLC

Owners:  Marissa & Ed Colgate

A couple empty nesters sought out DII to do a final addition & remodel for their home.  They requested a new master bathroom(specifically with foot spa chair:), walk-in-closet, master bedroom/office, & new deck walk-out to feature bee-keeping!  The owners also wanted extra natural light to the middle spaces of the 2nd floor.

Initially we sought to stitch the existing powder room addition & sunroom together w/ the new master addition & deck to ultimately have a clean, balance composition.  A green roof was proposed as a backdrop for the spa master & beehive towers area.  Other fun features include retaining the exterior brick on the inside of the new master, as well as rain/chain scuppers that aesthetically channel water into planters & a rain basin.  The clients were very pleased with the final product!


Addition, deck, & remodel


Evanston, IL



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