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Area:  850 s.f.

Architect & Design/Builder:  

DII Architecture   

GC:  Servio Pro, Inc.  

Drafters/Renderers:  Workus Studio, LLC

Owners:  Anne & James Rodgers

A family of four was quickly out-growing it’s 1940s Bungalow.  The main goal was to create a second floor that could accommodate 2 kids’ bedrooms &  bathroom, a stair/hallway, & a master suite.  Secondarily, this allowed for a transition on the first floor.  A former bedroom would become an office/guest bedroom and a master bedroom would be demoed to double the kitchen/eating area.  Adequate space was needed, but not the entire foot print of the home.  This also helped with the budget and balance of the front gables.


The concept of ‘hybrid’ came about early on.  We wanted to integrate the addition with the home & neighborhood, while still stretching the vernacular of bungalow.  All the existing roofline angles were maintained.  Roughly two-thirds(850sf) of the footprint was settled on to fulfill the program, and thus not be overbearing.  The addition rises up from the existing shingles & crests to the north.  Again, the juxtaposition is seen with the addition as a subtle extension of the roof, yet making a statement with it’s secondary ‘soldier’ dormers & eyebrow eaves.  Moving inside, the section drawing & staircase/hallway image display how the addition grows from inside, up, over, but never taking over.




La Grange Park, IL



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