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This project was carved out of a 1979 ranch with a fairly open floor plan.  However, the kitchen was long & compressed with a closed off formal dining room. The clients wanted a professional, high functioning kitchen with an abundance of space, storage, & light.  They also missed the soaring height & feeling of their loft from 10 years prior.  The initial goal was to open & combine three spaces; kitchen, dining, and eating area.


Two main walls were demo’d and all door jambs, partitions, etc. were opened.  Four triple lvl beams were inserted in the floor & bordering ceiling.  A full span vaulted ceiling was raised, subtly connecting the spaces.  Ridge beam and top plate straps were also installed to counter compression and thrust.  The new cathedral ceiling wraps over & down the east wall.  This was in an effort to have the space communicate horizontally & vertically.  Skylights, windows, and a patio door puncture this skin allowing direct morning light & ambient afternoon/evening lighting.  Material features include strand-woven bamboo flooring, gun metal blue cabinets, river white granite, grey oak ceiling/wall planks, and translucent eco-resin partitions & doors.  The final space feels like a back-lit geode; interior architecture cut out of the ranch volume.


Prospect Heights, IL



Extensive Remodel


1000 square feet

Architect & Design/Builder:   DII Architecture

GC:  Construction People Corp.

Drafters/Renderers:  Workus Studio, LLC

Photographer:  Black Olive Photographic

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