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Area:  1200 s.f.

Architect & Design/Builder:   DII Architecture   

GC:  Servio Pro, Inc.  Vio Filip

Drafters/Renderers:  Workus Studio, LLC

An unfinished basement was poised for much needed form & function improvements.  A family of five needed more space for working and entertaining.  They requested clean lines & an abundance of storage, space, & light.  Luckily there were adequate English windows on the perimeter of the open space.  The clients gave a program list of family room, kitchenette/bar, study room, bathroom, & exercise room.  It was a blank concrete slate at the onset, but four steel beams & two main rows of columns to contend with.


Altering & splaying the staircase entry was an initial design move.  This allowed for entry to the afore mentioned double column bay.  Two main walls would encapsulate these columns to create the main circulation & spine through the middle of the basement.  After many iterations, varied size openings were punctured along the long hall.(niches, doors, & wall openings).  A sense of linear connection & lightness was achieved with the hidden LED lighting through-out the project.  Materials include engineered bamboo flooring, stacked quartz stone, zinc & quartzite counters, and a river rock meditation niche.  There's also a secret sliding door w/in the quartz for a future phase 2 office/study!  Even though the spaces are connected by a long corridor, the promenade seems effortless & efficient.  The end product fulfilled the clients’ wishes for a high-functioning & luxurious basement retreat.


Basement Buildout


Long Grove, IL



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