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1200 square feet

Architect & Design/Builder:  

DII Architecture

GC:  CA Remodeling, Inc.

Drafters/Renderers:  DII

Owners:  Stephanie & Kevin Nicholson

A dog-leg plan, including two tight initial spaces, were the main challenges to this project.  An entryway needed to serve as foyer, storage, office, & laundry.  Adjacent this space, lies the kitchen & eating area.  The clients also wanted a versatile entertaining area that could double as a dining table.  Adequate square footage was present for both areas, but in the form of long & slender rectangles. 

Quickly, a sliver concept was born to accomplish the program needs, as well as maintain a feeling of width & allow 2-way circulation.  To counter-balance this sleek form, walnut butcher block was introduces as a warm natural material.  It is a featured element seen as an entry shelf, desk area, backsplash/cabinet, island/table, & display shelving.  The striations within the butcher block streak through both spaces & help to truncate/connect them.  A secondary theme is seen in the slots.  These work with the laminations of the butcher block & subtly add functions via a spice/wine racks, fruit/flower trough, & waste/recycling hatch. 

The project rounds out w/ smoky cork flooring, two tone cabinetry, and Colonial Gold granite counters.  With multiple tiers of design & materials, the spaces come together as a functioning composition.


Condo Remodel


Chicago, IL



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