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Challenge:  A small 1940 home with cape code attic needing a 2nd floor addition & 1st floor overhaul.  The owners loved the large lot, but needed additional bedrooms/bathrooms for kids & guests.


Outcome:  Almost a brand new house from the foundation up.  A 2nd floor was stretched upward from the perimeter floor plan, while leaving a double-height space for circulation above & dining/meeting below.  Light floods this space & others w/ complimentary new windows through-out.  A fresh take on the farmhouse aesthetic is seen inside use of white, black, & warm woods, and for the exterior, a reference to metal cladding. 

Area:  2150 sf

Architect & Design/Builder:  DII Architecture

GC:  Construction People Corp.

Drafters/Renderers:  Workus Studio, LLC

Photographer:  Black Olive Photographic

Owners:  Carrie & Ben Missele


New Home


Arlington Heights, IL



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