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Area:  2250 s.f.

Architect & Design/Builder:  

DII Architecture   

GC:  Servio Pro, Inc.  

Drafters/Renderers:  Haas DesignWorks

Owners:  Mission Hills Board

DII was awarded this commission out of multiple design firms.  A large condo complex needed a complete overhaul of their two lobbies.  The board had a few requirements, but were very open throughout the design process.  They needed extremely functional spaces & low maintenance materials.  The board also request as much natural light & added led lighting as possible.  DII dove into the design phases and set up many meetings along the way w/ the board members.

The final designs accomplished the boards wants & needs, while injecting crisp, bright new spaces that feel brighter & bigger than they actually are.  We introduced 2 main materials being fiber cement slats & high-end porcelain tile.  Subtle led lighting is seen in multiple spots in the lobbies.  A continuous curved wall to ceiling junction makes the space feel tall but comfortable.  The entire end wall mirror doubles the room spatially.  A final design thread was added in the ceiling, coming in the form of 1/2" crystallin fractures that correspond to circulation patterns & subtly direct visitors & owners.


2 Renovations


Northbrook, IL



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